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                                As a scientific and technological enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Xulong Electric Co.,Ltd.
                                is a professional R&D manufacturer of nylon cable gland, metal cable gland, conduit fitting and flexible conduit etc wiring accessories.
                                Our Company products have got CE, RoHS, SGS, IP68. Halogen Free certificates and owned a number of technical patent.
                                Advanced production equipment, abundant technical force and professional engineer team,
                                etc core advantages made our quality outstanding and beyond many domestic and foreign manufacturers of the jndustry.
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                                Cable connectors should pay attention to what matters2016-03-04
                                012016-03-03What is coaxial cable connectorThe coaxial cable is composed of a hollow outer cylindrical conductor and an inner conductor which is located in the central axis of the coaxial cable. Insulating material is separated from the inner conductor and the cylindrical conductor and the outside. According to the different transmission band, coaxial cable can be divided into two types: base band coaxial cable and broadband coaxial cable.
                                022015-03-21Cable connector installation processRemove connector, remove partial order.
                                The cable ends are fixed, the nail is nailed on the shaft plate, and the end head extends out of the 200mm-300mm, and the end head is inclined downwards and horizontally...
                                032015-03-21Cable joint installation notesA conductor connecting conductor connection requirements of low resistance and sufficient mechanical strength, the joint cannot appear sharp. Low voltage cable conductors used are crimping, press attention:
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